My 1st Ever Blog :D

So i finally enter this world of blogging πŸ˜€ :D.. Though i’m not new to writing journals, but this is my first ever blog πŸ˜€ and thus my first ever blogging experience πŸ˜€ I had thought about this a few months back and that’s when i got an account at wordpress too, but never realy started it.. Its been coming on and on and since yesterday the feeling got the hang of me.. Simply because the motivation i needed appeared in a friend’s blog who started blogging just day before yesterday :D…

Well let me introduce myself first.. I’m Nidhi.. an Instrumentation and Control Engineer in the making, about to enter my 3rd year :D.. I’m a Delhite to the core and love my city a lot πŸ˜€

Well the question “why blogging” has popped up several times in my head and i came with only one answer.. my love for writing.. I’m not an eexcellent writer because my vocabulary is not very good, but theΒ flow of my creation is pretty smooth and moreover, i love to express myself in words, be it the simple ones only πŸ˜€

And as you may have noticed that i like to use emoticons because they express your inner emotions along with your text πŸ˜€ .. and one more thing, i havent used a single shortcut here in terms of words, like coz or dint or sumthng, thats because i feel the beauty of the writing comes only when you write properly.. Cutting down words for your convenience is ok for communication, but when you are writing for the love of it, words need to be expressed fully.. and this is the reason i’ll try and not use shortcut words in my blog as much as i can.

This is just the beginning of it.. Lets see how far can i go with it :D..


  1. Nidhsssssss….yayyyy…Welcome to the world of blogging…So finally u enter this world…Have fun

    And yea guys she is a bit mad so pls bear wid her posts..Haha…Loads of love n hugs

    Anku Monku πŸ˜› πŸ™‚

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