Luck.. Fortune.. Destiny

Luck.. Destiny.. Fortune.. many names, but one meaning for a common man.. All of us depend on it sometime or the other.. There are a whole lot of sayings in both Hindi and English depicting the value of luck in our lives.. What exactly is destiny? Why do we depend on it? What role does it play in shaping our life? How can we shape up our fortune?

Since centuries, man has been posing these questions.. and till date, they haven’t been answered.. Whenever something unexpected, unfathomable happens, it is said to be one’s destiny.. I’m born in a good family which has given me all the love, care, affection, a home and all sorts of modern life facilities, that’s my destiny.. My maid is a poor girl, with hardly access to any of the above mentioned essentials of life, that’s her destiny.. We can sympathise with her, help her out, with or without money.. but we cannot change her state.. because that’s destiny..

I’m fortunate enough to have been using this medium of communication to put forth my views.. but there are a lot of people, who have had the misfortune of losing their eyesight or limbs.. I cannot help their condition, neither can they themselves and nor can anyone else.. because this is fortune..

Two people buy a lottery ticket.. One man wins, the other loses.. The winning person will celebrate, and the losing man will be disheartened.. but nobody can change their state of mind.. because that’s luck..

It is said that Hard Work pays in the long run.. It certainly does.. but does it alone pave way for our success? No.. There has to be something else up there, which is out of our control, which we can neither see, nor hear.. neither smell, nor feel.. Only its effect can be felt.. upon us.. upon our lives.. and that is what is known as Luck.. Destiny.. Fortune..

Nidhi 🙂

  1. Nidhs reli nice post :)..A different thing..And u r surely correct..There is smthng called destiny which is somewhere playing its role everytym

    • nidoo
    • August 1st, 2008

    thnku anku :”> i hv felt the effects issliye wrote this thing 😉

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