Virtual World – Virtual Friendship

Going by the topic, one might think that i’m talking about Fake or artificial friendships.. but no, i’m talking about friendship in the virtual world of internet.. This virtual world is very fascinating.. You get competely addicted to it in a short span of time and that too unknowingly..

I became a part of it some 3 years back when i was just completing my 12th.. Though i used to surf net even before that, but my final schooling year was the time when i got completely addicted to it.. During my 12th, internet was my source for my projects and assignments (as it is for everyone.. lolz) that is when i stumbled on to a forum, during my search for my favourite celebrities’ pictures (for those who do not know i’m a crazy celeb fanatic); and that is where i found a lot many people interacting with each other on various topics. It was my first ever encounter with a public internet portal for discussion and i was quite excited to see stuff there. I met a few people, whose celeb craziness was way beyond mine and i was quite surprised to see such kind of fans. I dont really know when i became a part of that very gang and became a celeb fanatic myself (though not as crazy as my friends).

These crazy celeb fans are the people i’m going to talk about now. Initially i knew them as active members of the forum who help everyone and love their favourites to death.. Then slowly and gradually i got to know them.. then we became friends.. and today we all do crazy stuff together.. cant stay away from each other for more than 2 days i guess.. it’s not because of our addiction to our forum and the internet or messenger, its because of our addiction to each other.. We’ve become such good friends.. we share almost everything with each other.. we laugh and cry together.. i never expected to find such close buddies here on the internet.. but as luck would have it, i have found some real close friends..

Anku, Eks, Verni, Shabu, Reshu, Henna, Shilpa, Ashwini, Saraa/Donny, Nitya, Rachandeep, Faryal and Amrit being the initial gang.. I still remember the owling we used to do.. omgg.. that was hilarious.. i miss it very much.. and i miss those crazy onferences we used to have.. and the special crazy topics we made in the forum.. Those ROFL sessions and the crazy Left-Right-Left marchings in the Fan clubs.. All of the above mentioned people werent a part of the Owl Club.. The ones who used to do owling were Me, Anku, Eks, Henna, Donny and Shabu..

Anku, or kanku monku as i fondly call her, is a complete nutter.. crazy, mad, stupid and sweet – all in one at the same time.. We are the same age, and pursuing similiar career paths, so the bonding between us is very strong.. We chat a lot, and whenever we talk on phone, time just flies.. we always have loads of things to discuss, the most important being our respective colleges.. We both just love to bash them.. It becomes a kind of competition as to whose college is bad.. I know this sounds idiotic, but thats the way we are..

Eks and me have a big age difference, but it has never ever been a hinderance in our friendship.. When she was here in India sometime back, I (on Anku’s special orders) joined hands with anku in troubling her.. She has promised us she’ll make us regret that (lolz.. eks baby u will never be ble to do this, thanks to ur almighty pc).. Eks is a sweetheart.. always listens to you with a heart and mind ful of patience.. She is the best person to talk to when you have a problem or you are depressed and feel low.. She’ll make you feel as your problem is not as big as it seems and will cheer you up.. She’s a great friend.. I had given her a special name “Sexy Eksowl” on her birthday.. I wrote an essay on her too.. That was great fun.. and whats better is that she still hasnt read that essay..

Henna is my murgi.. and i’m her murgi chor.. She’s a great person to be with.. you’ll always keep on smiling when you are chatting to her.. She’s full of infectious liveliness and her witty brain will never let you down.. Reading her comments in the forum, you’ll never be able to guess that she’s a Doctor in the making.. and that’s because she is sooo full of life, unlike the usual medical students..

Verni is sabka bachha.. bachha being her all-time favourite word.. She is a great writer and an amazing person.. Although she hates Delhi, but i still love her for being my friend.. Its been a month since she came here, but we still havent met yet.. we just talk on phone every week once or twice.. She’s very sensitive and gets affected by little-little things.. so much that she remained disturbed for 2 days after reading Gone with the wind.. She is actually a bachha, but a very sweet one..

Reshu.. what do i say about this girl.. She has no other work, apart from fighting with me on every small issue.. but i guess thats where the strength of our friendship lies.. in those small idiotic quarrels.. She calls from different no.s from her uni (she’s a big miser i tell you, doesnt like to spend her cellphone balance on a good friend like me).. and when i dont recognise her at once, she shouts at me…. We dont talk very often, and neither are we able to chat regularly.. but we keep in touch and that’s whats important..

Shilpa is also a Doctor in the making.. and she loves her college more than she loves her own self.. She never wants to miss even a single lecture and curses the fate when she falls ill and has to take a leave.. She is an introvert.. though how did she open up on net to unknown people in the virtual world, is yet a mystery to be unfolded.. She’s a sweetheart and always gets scolded from Anku for not taking care of herself.. I never shout at her or scold her.. What i do is inform Anku about her negligence and the work is done.. I might seem like a vamp here, but what i do is for her good only because she doesnt listen to me..

I’m very very fond of everyone else also, but i’m not finding enough words to describe them..

Then came net friendship phase 2.. In this phase, i found sweet people like anku sweetu and shagun, and there were many others too, who became good friends in a short span of time viz Smriti, Sarika, Roku, Rahi, Sheena and the list goes on..

What do i say about all these guys.. i have never met any of them.. but the equation i share with them is the same as would share with any of my close friends in the college or at school.. the bond we have developed over time is very deep and very special.. Some friends are more special than others and they know that.. I just want to thank all you people for entering my life and making it all the more special.. i love you from the bottom of my heart.. you people will always have a special place in my life and i’l never ever forget you..i’ll always try that our friendship remains intact forever..

Thanks for being my friend.. Thanks for always being there..



  1. Nidhsss Namuneee :D…What a fabb write up..Seedhe dil se per thoda dimaag se also..All those nutter stupid wale shabd abt me i knw sab tere shaitaani dimaag ka karanama…I knew it coz tu hai hi namuna..haha..But seriously nidhs i never knew we wuld come so far 🙂 :)..I still remember we werent so close and dunno how when we actually came quite close *touchwood*..And now there hs not been any looking bck..Its been just so much fun wid u..Everytym we chat there no moment when we dunt hv stuff to talk..Yeh alag baat hai ki u always lie with ur status tht u r busy..HAHAHAHAHA joke..But how can i stay withut doing tht :D…Then soo true our talks on d fone..Goshh how we once start n never end..Its just ben a gud gud pleasant journey n i wish we have it as d same bt more stronger in d future…Also wishhh we meet sumday..I m sure wuld love to meet the namuna whus so paagal idiot stupid nikamma :D..But jaisa bhi hai i lovee her loads…

    Love ya and hugsss

    • nidoo
    • August 21st, 2008

    yup yup *touchwood* for our spl bond.. jo kab bana, pata hi nahi chala 😛

    • Henna
    • August 21st, 2008

    well Nidz, what can I say.. a truly heartfelt entry. It’s left me all blushing now.. hehe :”>:”>

    It feels great knowing you’re truly treasured by someone that means just as much to you. And you already know I’m rubbish at expressing my feelings.. only stupidity is my forte..

    Yes, sab ko mere Doc banne pe jhatka lagta hai but hey, what can I do? Just love breaking the news to those that think there is only laughter and very few brain cells behind my character.. LOL

    Nids you’re an awesome personality and it’s always a pleasure entertaining you. Also, I love how, unlike many others, don’t keep formalities and just IM me jab you feel like…

    Maybe it’s becoz you strongly believe that I’m always there for you or something I dunno.. but it’s one thing I most like about you.. keeping in touch means more to you than ‘who’ keeps in touch more.

    Always stay Happy Nids,


    Henna x

    • Verni
    • July 26th, 2009

    Hmmm… bchchaaa… wo to main hun hi…

    But kya tu abhi bhi maanti hai ki main sirf sweet hun.. i think main thodi shaitaan to hun hi… hai naa?

    Haan par jab bhi sensitive hoti hun.. tujhe hi call karti hun… tu hai naa… saari tension bhagaane ke liye… hehe..

    On a serious note.. m so happy to read this… actually me too feel the same about our friendship… so unique… hai naa uniquo…

    But I was also an owl.. but yeaah.. tere saath kabhi nahi ki… but shaayad hostel aane ke baad I’ve become the biggest owl.. hehe..

    Hope this time we meet as we’ve planned…

    Luv u bchchaaaaa

    Take care..


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