The Lecture on Communication Systems by Mr. Markand

A spacious B-303, approximately 45 students, a working projector, around 20-25 OHP slides, a Mr. Markand (covered with soot), his ‘larger than life’ booming voice (a pain in the brain.. yes.. THE BRAIN) and complete uttentiveness of the students –  that almost sums up the lecture on Communication Systems (Com. Sys. in short) delivered to the ICE 3rd year students of BVCOE.

One of the usual scenarios for ICE batch 2K10, this one hour provides them with the much needed break of the day. One can read novels/newspapers/magazines/etc. , develop his/her communication skills by talking to other fellows , solve MBA questions , do something interesting and creative (like i did) , create Mr. Markand’s sketches (not at all recommended for weak hearted persons) , or , if god forbid, he/she can try and listen to the honourable lecturer.

Today’s class was extra special, because today the inmates of the room (barring Markand Sir himself) were asked to solve some numerical problems, about which nobody had any idea.  Mr. Markand just kept on changing slides on the projector and tried to explain each slide as it came; only if he could know that his efforts are being completely wasted on such a brilliant class as ours, we would have been spared of his booming talks *sigh*

  1. hahahahaha nidhs u knw same thing happens in emi lecture..I wrote 2 blog stuff in those lectures..And we do have our lunch in it..Also songs and all sorts of sounds are heard..hehe

    But must say such lectures r d bestest 😉


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