My Personality

I took a Personality Test on a website and here’s the result ::
(dunno if its true or not coz hvnt read it properly as of now :P)

You Are An ISFP

The ArtistYou are a gifted artist or musician (though your talents may be dormant right now).
You enjoy spending your free time in nature. You are good with animals and children.
Simply put, you enjoy beauty in all its forms. You live for the simple pleasures in life.
Gentle, sensitive, and compassionate – you are good at recognizing people’s unspoken needs.

In love, you are quiet and sweet yet very passionate. You love easily.
You have an underlying love for all living things, and it’s easy for you to accept someone into your heart.

At work, you do best in an unconventional position. You express yourself well and can work with almost anyone.
You would make a good veterinarian, pediatrician, or composer.

How you see yourself: Sympathetic, kind, and communicative

When other people don’t get you, they see you as: Incompetent, insecure, and overly sensitive

  1. errrr nidhs mst of it is true i guess..U love all forms of nature n ur very artistic 🙂

    bt ahem ahem never knew u r passionate in love..lolll

    • Verni
    • January 27th, 2009

    sab ekdum sahi hai….. bilkul sach…. sachchiiiii

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