The Big Picture

Someone had said, “Life is too short already, why shorten it further by killing your own self because of the problems it poses.” Guess the person never had to cope up with the 21st century’s ultra-modern, ultra-glam, busy lifestyle.

Agreed.. no problem is too big to run away from; but what to do when life suddenly throws up an unexpected situation and sends you wild tremors of shock. You’re just too numb to react, infact, you’re still in the process of taking in the circumstances around you. Just a day before, you were worried about petty things and suddenly you are forced to look up at The Big Picture” of life.

This Big Picture can be related to anything. It can be a situation or a circumstance you witnessed in a movie, but never expected it to happen to you; or it can be similiar to someone else’s bad experiences, which you thought will never have to be experienced by you; or it can even be something completely unexpected, and you may find yourself alienated from your surroundings.

There is no specific age or time for this tsunami to hit you. It can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime,  and when it does, it’ll carry you away, into a deeper, darker, silent ocean, where all you’ll be able to do is recover a little, only to be striked again. At that time, you dont give a damn to the so-called quotes and sayings, you just want to escape from that prison, to run away from everything, never to return back. But this is something which does not and ought not happen, and not the least because it is morally incorrect, but because this is what life is all about. This is how He, up there, wills you to live, and as always, man can neglect his own, but His wish has to be fulfilled at all costs. Do not interpret my words in a spiritual or philosophical manner, rather implement them in your practical life, and try and see if your big picture is waiting to be released.

If Yes, then dont stay numb for too long, otherwise you’ll be swept off your feet; instead see your big picture, fathom it and respond to it, the least you can do is try and fight for your own sake. Do this irrespective of the world’s opinion about you; let people talk, dont pay heed to their words; Its your “Big Picture“, You decide how to release it !!

  1. awwww nidhs a nice post…makes u think…but i am reli confused as to wht sort of big picture are u referring to…as in wht context..wuld love to know 🙂

    • Verni
    • January 27th, 2009

    kabhi socha nahi tha… that I’ll be reading an articleof urs.. with this content… it’s nice…

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