Breathing in the fresh air…


Day & Date : Saturday, December 20, 2008

Time : 04:55 PM IST

Venue : Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology, Janakpuri, New Delhi

At last ! The long awaited moment is to finally arrive.. The moment, which had been in my dreams for so long that it gave me constant headache to think about it anymore; the moment, which is about to dawn on me and thousands more in five minutes from hence; the moment, which comes every six months, granting the ever-wished for solace; the moment, which is to release me from the shackles that are fastened tightly around my brain; the moment, which…………………. TRRRRINNNNGGGGGGGGGG……………
ALAS ! It has come… its 5:00 PM, the bell has rung, and I am, now, breathing in the fresh air…


This, my dear friends, is the state of mind of a deplored youngster of India, who has been doomed to an unknown hard-working fate, who has been brain-washed enough to take up and study the ever-growing and ever-opted for field of “Engineering”; this strong and deep emotion is revealed at the end of another of his/her torturous 6-months, termed as a semester.

Mine was 5th !

5th Mind You ! This means I’ve already had the unfortunate opportunity to have had the same experience 4 times already. By the way, it feels great to realize that I’m done more than half-way through with my privileged “Bachelor of Technology” degree course.

Its been almost 2 months since I’ve been buried in my den, covered from head-to-toe in books from Indian as well as International authors (none of which seemed to enter my head), and notes of all kinds – printed, hand-written, print-outs and mixed (because I had laid my hands, and spent my precious pocket money on each and every bit of paper I found in the College’s Photocopy Shop with ICE-5th sem written on it).

Want to have a look at my schedule? Here you go :

3rd-9th Nov. – Preparation for 2nd sessionals

10th-15th Nov. – 2nd Sessional Examinations

17th-22nd Nov. – Internal Practicals

24th-28th Nov. – External Practicals

29th Nov.-7thDec. – Preparation for Final End-Sem Examination

8th-20th Dec. – End-Sem Examinations

Pheww!! Hectic wasn’t it? You bet!

From one set of exams to another, from our internal irritating invigilators and examiners to the external dumb ones, its been a roller-coaster ride; it always is.. a ride in which you get more bumps than you can ever imagine.. and these bumps give you a pain right in your… head!! What else did you think of, you dirty mind!

Anyways whats done is over now, and there’s no use thinking about it.. So I’ll also let the haunting memories of exams leave me for a few months and try to live in peace, and yes, not to forget, now i’ll be breathing in the fresh air ! 😉

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