An Insight into Computerised Process Control

August 18, 2009, Tuesday, 09:15 AM, B – 103

What experiment are we going to perform in the lab today? When will we get to see the freshers? When can I boast of completing the entire Barron’s GRE word list? Will I score enough in my GRE? How will I fare in the final year?

These are some of the questions I have deliberately forced my mind to seek answers for, to prevent drowsiness from seeping in.

Welcome to the lecture of “Computerised Process Control”!

The Respected H O D, I C E, BVCOE, was very keen on teaching the ICE 2K10 batch before the session started. He is still keen on imparting all the knowledge he has ever gained, and it does not bother him at all that he teaches the basics of Analog Electronics, and, Linear Integrated Circuits, in the name of an ICE core subject. Apparently, he loves to drone on and on; and he loves OP-AMPs; and he loves to combine the two to deliver a highly insightful lecture.

It is definitely not the best way to start the day, I must say. The first lecture in the morning ought to energize us; and this is as ironic as it can get. Its hard enough to keep the eyes open and head upright, God forbid if I have to keep a tab on the lecture’s contents too. I might learn something about the basic circuitry of the “multi-used” Operatonal amplifiers, if I paid attention, and if his voice doesnt irritate me to death.

By the way, today we’re doing signal conditioning – filtration, using OP-AMPs ofcourse! I wonder if the end-sem CPC paper is going to ask us the schematics and configurations of the lovely Operational amplifiers.

I have serious doubts regarding our Hon’Ble HOD sir. Is he aware of the fact that he is the ICE HOD, and not an ECE Prof.? <– This is the topmost on my list, second being his deliberate consideration of misusing his authority to fail us in whatever aspect he can. Looks like he was brainwashed in his formative years against anything that was not electronics, or, irritating, or “of high standardization” as he says.

And now all of a sudden, he is smiling. Sorry. No clue about the reason whatsoever, nor does it bother anyone now. Its a regular practice for him to crack (murmur) a joke nobody notices, and smile at it for purely his own self-entertainment purposes.

And he’s also asking us to design a notch filter that could exactly block 50Hz (Uh.. Err.. looks like I have started to pay attention to him). Well anyways, he wants us to design the thing, and go about it really smug, displaying the supposedly original diagrams and circuits and logics to anyone within a radius of 0.1m. He has actually asked us to consider it as our minor project. No jumping at the easiness of the situation. He’ll just turn around and babble about something insignificant if we’re going to ask his permission for the same.

Thankfully, he has now skipped Sample & Hold Circuits; but.. uhh.. oh.. he’s now showing an interest in ADCs. Come on! Its already 09:55. dont you realize its time?

Ok.. Now that he has had a look at his watch (due to Vicky’s entrance for the next lecture.. we owe him that one), he’s planning to retreat. And, thankfully, because of my register, pen, brains and the ability to think and coordinate it with my hands to write, I’ve been able to successfully skip the major part of the torture, and utilise my intellectual energies elsewhere.

    • Nish
    • September 5th, 2009

    Lovely and VERY FUNNY..will come back to pen down my the way try to implement this in his next like A COMPUTER MONITOR..we used to say..keep ur eyes open like desktop but dont start your CPU/Brain 🙂

  1. he he…dis post is funny…enjyd while reading it …vicky is a hero..he he..:D

    • varun
    • September 5th, 2009

    really nice…….couldn’t have put it better myself….

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