Good was victorious. But justice?

A thought provoking discussion with @sandinmyfist and @Ipsita_Shome on twitter compelled me to write this Dussehra special post. There’s always the other side of truth, and here is what it is.

“Vijay Dashmi. The victory of good over evil. “

How many times has this one sentence been repeated? Innumerable. Every year, every person relates it with the festival, and inturn with the Ramayana.

Hindu mythology has always been at the forefront in preaching virtues such as benevolence, honesty, honor, truth and justice; and we devour the stories without questioning the essentials.

Raavana was evil and so were the Kauravas, hence punished.

But one thought here and there, and the blind faith starts shattering.

Whoever thought about the ladies back then, did a pretty nasty job.

Where was the justice for Sita? Urmila? Mandodari? Draupadi? Amba? Kunti? Where was the dignity and respect that attended the daughters and daughters-in-law of respectable royal families?

It is disheartening to realize that tales set in a patriarchal society, written by men, and for quite some time, read by men held the opposite sex in scant regard. Women were there to add glamor, or increase the reachability quotient. Though these thrived on the females’ sufferings, there was no respite for them.

P.S. The post is not intended to hurt any religious sentiments, or defame the stories mentioned above. Ramayana and Mahabharata are much revered texts and I respect them for what they are. This, however, is a personal post on the incidents I’m not comfortable with.

  1. Ok i started reading with another thought in mind !

    you raised a valid point here, something that has never left me in peace still. Not just mythology, most tales do not do justice to women !

    got reminded of a tweet , if Ravan was burnt for his sin, why did sita face fire too ?

  2. good post nidhiji 🙂

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