Corporate Lessons, and Beyond

This is my first ever blog post from my New Macbook Pro MC 700.

The fact that I bought it with little help from Dad says a lot about the transformation from College to Corporate; and the fact that it took me more than a month to find some time to sit down peacefully and write something, explains the other aspect of this transformation.

If you’ve reached this blog post with the help of my facebook status or tweet, you know I’ve been busy; if there has been another way, I’m telling you I’ve been busy; also, this ‘busy’ is an understatement.

After a good 8 months at office, I think I can now safely say that I’m working effectively, that is to say I have my own small contribution in the generation of revenue that this company earns. Maybe it is a meagre 0.01%, but I’m not jobless at job.

Lets get back to the transformation. It has not been easy, and it has not been what I thought it to be. The training during the first three months is but an extension of college. It has got nothing that feels like you belong to the employed world. You get paid for learning, and even that is not mandatory, you can always cheat and pass the qualifying tests. Nothing that feels ‘out of college and into the real world.’

The next five months have been what made me realize that I was out of the institution, finally. They brought out the differences so clearly that now I can look back and say, I’m learning on the job, and not just learning.

Let me know give you some pointers to be followed at the workplace.

  • The boss (can be any senior) is NOT a teacher / trainer
  • He expects you to spend all the nine hours at office working , no exceptions
  • Over-time is never your decision, even though it is always made to look like that
  • No excuses work. Either you work, or you don’t
  • Client is an alien species and should not be troubled unless absolutely necessary. However, if he is ‘on-site’ and sits in your office on the same floor as you, you can trouble him as much as you want. He is in your land and has to live by your rules. Moreover, he is here for work and it is your duty to provide him with some.
  • There is absolutely no place like ‘hawa mahal’ to spend some time at. However, there are ‘cafeterias’ where you can find some food that you will prefer not eating if provided with an option. Fried Rice + Manchurian and Chhole Bhathure are exceptions.
  • If there’s no South Indian in your training batch, and you’ve not made any friends out there, you should consider getting your name removed from the ‘Man is a social animal’ list.
  • When you have friends at the same company whose bosses are not one percent similar to yours, you’re labelled as the ghissu / chintu / id ka chand / 29th february of the group. Not that it changes things, but it does provide them with a reason to laugh when they do not have any work. You, ofcourse, cannot join in.
  • If you belong to the old school that says about work – “My work, my responsibility”, the point stated above will not matter much.
  • When you have a team that believes in Unity in Diversity, you know you’ve found new friends in colleagues.
  • You’e never judged by the amount of work you do; you’re judged by the amount of work everyone else does compared to you.
  • If your office is bloody two hours away from your home, you better have an iPod, or fill your phone up with all sorts of songs that you find.
  • Also, you should tell your family that they should keep your photograph and have a look at it once every day, lest they forget your face.
  • If you have a best friend that waits for you to send your career’s first ever product release so that you can go out and watch a movie with them, they deserve one whole weekday that you should take an off on.
  • If you have another best friend who is working as insanely as you, and does not live in the civilization, you ought to call them up and tell them that you’re planning to take a day off and go for the movie.
  • If you have a friend who is coming to your town and planning to stay at your place, tell them beforehand you will only be able to give them two hours of your time.
  • If you have a college friend at the same company whose voice is never lower than 120 decibels and their words are faster than their thinking process, and you happen to have lunch with them at the office cafeteria every single day, you know by now how to hide your face.
  • If you’re working and you do not even know what you’re working on, you ought not to be working.
The list is not generic, and somehow it makes it look like I’ve been having hilarious times at the office. Not that I’ve not had those moments, but just to let you know that there have also been days when I’ve spent almost 16 hours working, and have reported back to the office early next day.
On a serious note, the efforts put in and the responsibilities shared have not much to do with the numbers in the bank account. It is one’s basic nature. I am a workaholic and I like to take the onus of knowing what I’m doing, and I have no second thoughts about that. I’d rather let my work do the talking. Cliched it may sound, but that is exactly how it is. Its just that not everyone can understand or appreciate this nature. If they would, they’d know that I’m way ahead of them in terms of what I now know and can do.
Did I just snub some people off indirectly? Well, I always meant to. I never said I’m not mean 😀
    • Richa
    • June 4th, 2011

    First things first, congratulations for your iMac 🙂
    Way to go!

    and bwahahaha! I totally know what it feels like 😀 all my condolences. 😛


    • Deepshikha Gangal
    • June 6th, 2011

    awesome post nidziie!!..Loved it..:D

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