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That one thought…

Sometimes, in solitude, when you have nothing to do and your mind just wanders on its own, hidden thoughts creep up on the surface; thoughts buried in the subconscious, under slimy layers of the conscious, since when even you wouldn’t know; unfulfilled desires, whims and fancies, or even cherished moments that were long forgotten.

That is when stirring takes place, of your emotions, your perceptions, your beliefs, your soul, your whole being. If you remember an ugly phase, “Why did it happen?” If you find yourself blissful, “Oh man! I was so lucky! Such happiness I’ve never known!” All the introspection and retrospection transports you into another world, a world known to you, yet mysterious. And the beauty of the mystery is you cannot still fathom it. It leads you down a spiral path, twisting and turning just when you thought you had it straight. You delve deeper and deeper, trying to find a solution to the unending puzzle; yet, as always, it remains an enigma.

And then, contrary to your gradual falling in, you snap out of it, as suddenly as possible. How, or why, the reverie is broken, you do not know; but when it does, common sense takes over, the conscious once again prevails. The softness fades away, taking with it that one moment that you had just relived, and harsh reality blows into your face. Aah! How wonderful it would be to stay entranced by that memory, to keep reliving that one moment, to let the dream world linger on for a few more seconds. How soothing to keep distance from the present for a while, to let the past rise and shine. How beautiful to lose yourself in memories instead of the everyday conundrums. If only that was possible everytime you faced a hard truth, witnessed an ugly tiding, you would be relieved of the gloom. How strange, that even an unhappy memory when remembered becomes a sweet lesson, a minor passing. If only there were memories and dreams all around, life would not be so exacting, and some of the bitterness would be gone. But without sour grapes, would you ever realize the importance of sweet berries? I guess not. And that is the reason, day comes after night and black has white. If you would not live the present moment to its best, how would you create a beautiful memory, a pleasing thought.


Go Live!

“Paayaliya, paayaliya kahe ke piya ghar jaaun
Paayaliya, paayaliyaa…”

The soft melody rings in the ears, and though the beats dissolve with time, the euphony stays in the mind.
Whats better than to listen to the sounds of love in the dead of night. Complete silence, perfect harmony. This is the time when my brain is relaxed, body soothed, and thats why I prefer studying in the late hours every day. Last night, however, was different. Instead of concentrating on Barron’s, I was focussing on the irony this song represents.
Such a soulful number, from such a bold and harsh movie; and the lyrics are ironical too. Strangely, none of the leading ladies in the movie gets to go to their piya’s ghar. This is what life’s all about. Its predictable, surprising, boring, exciting, difficult, simple, all at the same time. With the conception of such idea, my thought process gained momentum, and before I could stop myself, I was penning down the jumbled words then echoing in my mind in a clean manner. Here’s what I wrote on Life last night :
An unfathomable mystery, an unsolved riddle, an unquenchable thirst, an endless search – Life is the only thing that has eluded man’s logical mind for centuries. It does not succumb to any reasoning the brain provides, nor does it works on the heart’s orders, thus, for once, calling it quits between the two decision makers.
Life has its own decisions and its own ways to implement them. This may point towards a unified supreme power, which undoubtedly, is looking over everyone, guiding everyone’s life. You may feel happy when you achieve your preset goal, but the knowledge that the aim was always meant to be fulfilled by you, escapes your notice. On the other hand, you may toil day and night for that one particular accolade, and suddenly life may spring up a bouncer at you, bowling you over.
Good – Bad, Beautiful – Ugly, Joy – Sorrow, Right – Wrong, Black – White, life does not know, nor does it care. It throws surprises at you, surprises that may be good or bad, beautiful or ugly, joyful or sad, right or wrong, black or white. It does not care if you are engulfed in gloom, or are enjoying radiant happiness. You are but a whit to it, something insignificant, something to be tried and tested, to be reused and recycled, to be judged and misjudged, to be convicted and acquitted, to be captured and thrown. It takes you through a roller – coaster ride, bumping you all the way up and down all the slides; and on the basis of your performance in the ride, it gauges you, decides upon right to live and determines the way you’ll live.
But does that mean that you should give in, succumb to its pressure and act as a defeatist?
NO, period.
Because that unified supreme power which gave life such control, bestowed upon you two of the most precious gifts in the universe – a thinking brain and a feeling heart.
Raise your head, stand up to the challenges, and defeat life, only then can YOU succeed. Make your heart feel, give voice to your conscience, make your brain think, put thoughts into actions. Dont worry if life confiscates your happiness, fight the gloom and flash a brilliant smile. No problem if you get thrown in a deeply dug pit, climb back up. Life’s kick shouldn’t scare you, rather it should make you stand on your feet again. Break the shackles life wants to arrest you into, instead extend your hands and tie it up. Dont go the way life takes you, take life the way YOU want to go. Remember, you are born to live, you are not living because you are born.
Go Live!
The post has been co-authored by Moksha Sharma, who helped convert a stream of erratic thoughts into a meaningful article.

The Big Picture

Someone had said, “Life is too short already, why shorten it further by killing your own self because of the problems it poses.” Guess the person never had to cope up with the 21st century’s ultra-modern, ultra-glam, busy lifestyle.

Agreed.. no problem is too big to run away from; but what to do when life suddenly throws up an unexpected situation and sends you wild tremors of shock. You’re just too numb to react, infact, you’re still in the process of taking in the circumstances around you. Just a day before, you were worried about petty things and suddenly you are forced to look up at The Big Picture” of life.

This Big Picture can be related to anything. It can be a situation or a circumstance you witnessed in a movie, but never expected it to happen to you; or it can be similiar to someone else’s bad experiences, which you thought will never have to be experienced by you; or it can even be something completely unexpected, and you may find yourself alienated from your surroundings.

There is no specific age or time for this tsunami to hit you. It can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime,  and when it does, it’ll carry you away, into a deeper, darker, silent ocean, where all you’ll be able to do is recover a little, only to be striked again. At that time, you dont give a damn to the so-called quotes and sayings, you just want to escape from that prison, to run away from everything, never to return back. But this is something which does not and ought not happen, and not the least because it is morally incorrect, but because this is what life is all about. This is how He, up there, wills you to live, and as always, man can neglect his own, but His wish has to be fulfilled at all costs. Do not interpret my words in a spiritual or philosophical manner, rather implement them in your practical life, and try and see if your big picture is waiting to be released.

If Yes, then dont stay numb for too long, otherwise you’ll be swept off your feet; instead see your big picture, fathom it and respond to it, the least you can do is try and fight for your own sake. Do this irrespective of the world’s opinion about you; let people talk, dont pay heed to their words; Its your “Big Picture“, You decide how to release it !!

Luck.. Fortune.. Destiny

Luck.. Destiny.. Fortune.. many names, but one meaning for a common man.. All of us depend on it sometime or the other.. There are a whole lot of sayings in both Hindi and English depicting the value of luck in our lives.. What exactly is destiny? Why do we depend on it? What role does it play in shaping our life? How can we shape up our fortune?

Since centuries, man has been posing these questions.. and till date, they haven’t been answered.. Whenever something unexpected, unfathomable happens, it is said to be one’s destiny.. I’m born in a good family which has given me all the love, care, affection, a home and all sorts of modern life facilities, that’s my destiny.. My maid is a poor girl, with hardly access to any of the above mentioned essentials of life, that’s her destiny.. We can sympathise with her, help her out, with or without money.. but we cannot change her state.. because that’s destiny..

I’m fortunate enough to have been using this medium of communication to put forth my views.. but there are a lot of people, who have had the misfortune of losing their eyesight or limbs.. I cannot help their condition, neither can they themselves and nor can anyone else.. because this is fortune..

Two people buy a lottery ticket.. One man wins, the other loses.. The winning person will celebrate, and the losing man will be disheartened.. but nobody can change their state of mind.. because that’s luck..

It is said that Hard Work pays in the long run.. It certainly does.. but does it alone pave way for our success? No.. There has to be something else up there, which is out of our control, which we can neither see, nor hear.. neither smell, nor feel.. Only its effect can be felt.. upon us.. upon our lives.. and that is what is known as Luck.. Destiny.. Fortune..

Nidhi 🙂

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