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College Memoirs Part III – ICE BVCOE & The Batch 2K10

As always, its been a while since I last wrote here, or rather, typed.

This post is specially dedicated to the ‘Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering’ at Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering, and the ‘Exclusive’ Batch of 2010.

Talking about the department, we’re proud of the exclusivity we have of being one of the only two colleges that are privileged enough to have provided this stream of engineering to its students. Yes, ICE exists only in Amity & BVCOE in IPU! A fact we’re reminded of when talking about performance – “Being on top in a batch of 120 in the university is no big deal!”, and a fact we’re asked to forget when talking about poor performance – “It shouldnt matter if the branch is only in two colleges; you ought to have been better!”

I C E – Three alphabets, which when combined together, lead to utter chaos in the BVCOE campus.

ICE? Useless!

ICE? Unmanageable!

ICE? Rude, irresponsible!

ICE? Dumb engineering students!

ICE? Troublesome!


Such are the lavish praises bestowed upon us year-after-year, semester-after-semester, until we get used to them.

I C E – The only department to have one huge multi-purpose laboratory, and four staff-rooms!

I C E – The only department to have survived without an HOD for more than two years!

I C E – The only department to have declared the MAJOR PROJECT GUIDES 4 days before the External Viva!

I C E – The only department to call students on March 30, 2010 through a notice put up on April 10, 2010!

I C E – The only department to cast doubts on its students’ proven calibre!

I C E – The only department to have organized ‘GENESIS’!

I C E – The only department to have an ORIGINAL song dedicated to it!

I C E – The only department to have… well… forget it!

In a nutshell, Instrumentation & Control Engineering is fabulous…. ICE @ BVCOE, unfortunately, is not so much great 😐

No, I dont regret being a part of it; I just wish things could have been better.

Question – If ICE pissed me off so much, why am I still sort of patient and happy, after 4 years of continuous harassment?

Answer – Undoubtedly, ICE Batch 2K10!

I’ve been one of the few lucky ones to have had such an amazing class in college, and when I say ‘Class’, I mean the ‘Entire Class’, including even those with whom I haven’t had a chance to interact properly.

Since the day it has come into existence, ICE 2K10 has been looked upto by the  students of other departments, and looked down upon by their respective teachers; and its not just because of the presence of 20 females in the class. The jealous looks or stern scoldings, we’ve had it all; and yet, cared naught.

Be it Sourabh ‘Daddy’ Bajaj’s initiatives or Soumya’s tension filled way of working, DK’s infamous mood-swings or Karina’s dance moves, Rachna’s laughter or Garima’s arguments, Trevor’s pneumatics or Jayant’s robotics, Hash & Sid’s logics or Rana’s patient wait for the results, Bhatia’s absence or Varun’s gyan, Moksha’s marks or Seema’s attitude, Megha’s silence or Manisha’s glib talk, Govil’s MICA or Manish’s GATE, Rishika’s slow nature or Neha’s bindass attitude, Chayanika-Pramit’s li’l quarrels or Parul-Ritambhara-Jiby’s behenchara, Shalabh-Vavita’s dhoop-chhanv or Garg’s original projects, and many others with whom I might not have interacted much, but who’ve equally been instrumental in making our class as cool as it seems to be 🙂

And how can I forget the Prac Batch P1! Pramit’s devastating experiments, Sid’s scribbling on paper, Karina’s up-to-date files, Varun’s understanding of the experiment, Shalabh’s figuring out the working, random gossip, or simply my practically performing every experiment in every lab all 4 years 😛

And the vivas we’ve given together… NO Thank You to Shalabh for screwing them up for me half the time 😐

Another thing, this post will be incomplete without any mention of THE big event we all organized together.. Yup! You got it right! Its G-E-N-E-S-I-S, or Gen-Uh-Sis, as I like to call it 😛

Well now, THAT was something that made us roll up our sleeves and work as a team. Just to bring it to existence, we had to fight; and to retain the process, we had to fight; and to ‘organize’ it, we had to fight; and to talk and act sense, we had to fight; and fighting all the way, we did manage to pull it off, and decently too 🙂 I think in all the 8 semesters, it is this very festival that really brought us together as a class, as a team. No ego hassles, no hierarchy issues, everyone helping everyone, just so that we could make it happen together. And, needless to say, it was an altogether different experience in its own!

So many memories to cherish and so little words…

All I can say is that I’m much more than glad to be a part of such a wonderful group of people who have made my graduation memorable 🙂

Thank you ICE 2K10!


College Memoirs Part II – The campus called BVCOE

I had hoped I’d be completing this series by mid of March; and here I am, putting up only the second post. Got lost in so many things that even though I wanted to write, I couldn’t. Anyways, I hope that now I’ll be regularly posting and finish up the College Memoirs, atleast before this college life ends.

Here comes the second take: The BVCOE Campus

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College Memoirs Part I – Happy? Sad? Confused!

A few years ago, I had used these lines in a Hindi Debate :

Main akela hi chala tha, janibe manzil magar,
Log saath aate gaye, karavaan ban gaya

From August 1, 2006 till date, the journey as a student belonging to the 2010 Batch of Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering, has indeed been a memorable one.

With college comes independence; Free from stringent regulations of school life, our wings expand to their fullest and we soar high. (Though BVCOE is no less than a school :P) This new phase of life was highly exciting. New faces, new campus, new atmosphere, everything was just so fresh. Each day brought with it a sense of exhiliration, until, ofcourse, we realized that we were doomed. That first day is still fresh in my memory, as if it was just yesterday.

Looking back at the three years spent here, I feel a strange sense of exhiliration, coupled with relief, and a little regret. Now I realize that time has just flown away. I had intended to make the best of these 4 years; suddenly, they’re on the verge of finishing, and here I am, waiting for that something special to happen. Its a mixed feeling. At times, I’m happy for what I’ve accomplished so far; at others, I feel I could not do justice to so many things I had planned. And most of all, I cant believe that my college life is soon going to end.

All these days I have waited for my graduation to get over, and finally it IS getting over, I’m not sure if I do want it to end. Somehow, I dont remember how I coped up when school ended. Fourteen years of life devoted to a single insitution; and fourteen entrance exams, that made the transition smooth. But somehow, I dont think it’ll be that easy this time.


I wish I had an answer.

It seems like everyday when I prove that I’m a BVP student by displaying my ID to a guard, the  glass panes of A-Block labs shout at me, “Etch us in your brain, coz you wont be here this time the next year. We’ll miss you, and we know you will too.”

I guess I’ll pay heed to them for now; coz no matter how much confused I am, I’m going to leave them in a few months; and I want to remember this transition.

P.S. College has given me a lot more things to cherish than the ones stated above. Since it is difficult to mention everything in one post, I’ve planned to put this up in parts. This was Part I. How many parts more? I dont know. Depends on what I want to keep with me forever 🙂

An Insight into Computerised Process Control

August 18, 2009, Tuesday, 09:15 AM, B – 103

What experiment are we going to perform in the lab today? When will we get to see the freshers? When can I boast of completing the entire Barron’s GRE word list? Will I score enough in my GRE? How will I fare in the final year?

These are some of the questions I have deliberately forced my mind to seek answers for, to prevent drowsiness from seeping in.

Welcome to the lecture of “Computerised Process Control”!

The Respected H O D, I C E, BVCOE, was very keen on teaching the ICE 2K10 batch before the session started. He is still keen on imparting all the knowledge he has ever gained, and it does not bother him at all that he teaches the basics of Analog Electronics, and, Linear Integrated Circuits, in the name of an ICE core subject. Apparently, he loves to drone on and on; and he loves OP-AMPs; and he loves to combine the two to deliver a highly insightful lecture.

It is definitely not the best way to start the day, I must say. The first lecture in the morning ought to energize us; and this is as ironic as it can get. Its hard enough to keep the eyes open and head upright, God forbid if I have to keep a tab on the lecture’s contents too. I might learn something about the basic circuitry of the “multi-used” Operatonal amplifiers, if I paid attention, and if his voice doesnt irritate me to death.

By the way, today we’re doing signal conditioning – filtration, using OP-AMPs ofcourse! I wonder if the end-sem CPC paper is going to ask us the schematics and configurations of the lovely Operational amplifiers.

I have serious doubts regarding our Hon’Ble HOD sir. Is he aware of the fact that he is the ICE HOD, and not an ECE Prof.? <– This is the topmost on my list, second being his deliberate consideration of misusing his authority to fail us in whatever aspect he can. Looks like he was brainwashed in his formative years against anything that was not electronics, or, irritating, or “of high standardization” as he says.

And now all of a sudden, he is smiling. Sorry. No clue about the reason whatsoever, nor does it bother anyone now. Its a regular practice for him to crack (murmur) a joke nobody notices, and smile at it for purely his own self-entertainment purposes.

And he’s also asking us to design a notch filter that could exactly block 50Hz (Uh.. Err.. looks like I have started to pay attention to him). Well anyways, he wants us to design the thing, and go about it really smug, displaying the supposedly original diagrams and circuits and logics to anyone within a radius of 0.1m. He has actually asked us to consider it as our minor project. No jumping at the easiness of the situation. He’ll just turn around and babble about something insignificant if we’re going to ask his permission for the same.

Thankfully, he has now skipped Sample & Hold Circuits; but.. uhh.. oh.. he’s now showing an interest in ADCs. Come on! Its already 09:55. dont you realize its time?

Ok.. Now that he has had a look at his watch (due to Vicky’s entrance for the next lecture.. we owe him that one), he’s planning to retreat. And, thankfully, because of my register, pen, brains and the ability to think and coordinate it with my hands to write, I’ve been able to successfully skip the major part of the torture, and utilise my intellectual energies elsewhere.

Boggling Mind…

Long time, no post! I know… My apologies… But you cant blame me for this… 6th sem B.Tech ICE with subjects like POWER ELECTRONICS and the creed, followed by a “so-called” Industrial Internship or Training or whatever (read S-C-R-E-W-I-N-G), followed by the never-ending, ever-exhausting, extremely boring, GRE preparation, followed by the Designing Venture (which is soon to be ventured into)… All this and more, accompanied by the long-lasting Home Renovation (Its been almost 8 months now *sob* *sob*)… Add to this, the world famous IEEE BVCOE Chairperson responsibilities…

That almost sums up the reason for my chronic absence!

All this, I believe, also explains my mood-swings, rather mind-swings.

I dont know what has gotten into me lately. One moment I’m happy and cheerful as a child, and the other, I’m shouting at someone for no reason. While I was certain about myself earlier, I’m confused now. My firm decisions have given way to indecisiveness. Last year I argued with my parents until they relented their nod for my PG, and now, when they’re all but reluctant, I find myself wondering if I’m taking the right path. People who know me know that I’m usually polite, but now, at times, I resort to rude behaviour or impolite language.

Lets just say my mind is very much troubled these days for no reason whatsoever. Not exactly troubled, confused or dazed would be a more appropriate word for the condition. Not to mention the fear at the back of my mind, the fear of securing a suppli in PE, the fear of not being able to make it to MS, the fear of under-performing at any point of time, the fear of letting my near ones down, and so on and so forth.

All this may sound child-like whims, but I’m experiencing it nonetheless. It is said that teenage years are the most troubled ones; looks like I sailed through the difficult period easily, and am now facing difficulties entering the real adult world. Maybe its the sense of more freedom, or the burden of newer responsibilities, or the peer pressure arising from insecurities and ego, I dont know to what should I attribute my mind-swings. I may seem to be cheerful and friendly on the outside, but the churning of various thoughts inside my mind makes it difficult from inside. It hinders my thought process, my creativity, my imagination, affects my decisions, my countenance, in short, boggles me and throws me completely off the track; and now matter how hard I try, the resistance offered on the return path is too much to overcome.

I dont know why is this happening, I dont want it to happen, and I have no clue as to how to overcome it. All I do is try to retain whatever sanity I can and hope the botheration ends soon.

Breathing in the fresh air…


Day & Date : Saturday, December 20, 2008

Time : 04:55 PM IST

Venue : Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology, Janakpuri, New Delhi

At last ! The long awaited moment is to finally arrive.. The moment, which had been in my dreams for so long that it gave me constant headache to think about it anymore; the moment, which is about to dawn on me and thousands more in five minutes from hence; the moment, which comes every six months, granting the ever-wished for solace; the moment, which is to release me from the shackles that are fastened tightly around my brain; the moment, which…………………. TRRRRINNNNGGGGGGGGGG……………
ALAS ! It has come… its 5:00 PM, the bell has rung, and I am, now, breathing in the fresh air…


This, my dear friends, is the state of mind of a deplored youngster of India, who has been doomed to an unknown hard-working fate, who has been brain-washed enough to take up and study the ever-growing and ever-opted for field of “Engineering”; this strong and deep emotion is revealed at the end of another of his/her torturous 6-months, termed as a semester.

Mine was 5th !

5th Mind You ! This means I’ve already had the unfortunate opportunity to have had the same experience 4 times already. By the way, it feels great to realize that I’m done more than half-way through with my privileged “Bachelor of Technology” degree course.

Its been almost 2 months since I’ve been buried in my den, covered from head-to-toe in books from Indian as well as International authors (none of which seemed to enter my head), and notes of all kinds – printed, hand-written, print-outs and mixed (because I had laid my hands, and spent my precious pocket money on each and every bit of paper I found in the College’s Photocopy Shop with ICE-5th sem written on it).

Want to have a look at my schedule? Here you go :

3rd-9th Nov. – Preparation for 2nd sessionals

10th-15th Nov. – 2nd Sessional Examinations

17th-22nd Nov. – Internal Practicals

24th-28th Nov. – External Practicals

29th Nov.-7thDec. – Preparation for Final End-Sem Examination

8th-20th Dec. – End-Sem Examinations

Pheww!! Hectic wasn’t it? You bet!

From one set of exams to another, from our internal irritating invigilators and examiners to the external dumb ones, its been a roller-coaster ride; it always is.. a ride in which you get more bumps than you can ever imagine.. and these bumps give you a pain right in your… head!! What else did you think of, you dirty mind!

Anyways whats done is over now, and there’s no use thinking about it.. So I’ll also let the haunting memories of exams leave me for a few months and try to live in peace, and yes, not to forget, now i’ll be breathing in the fresh air ! 😉

The Lecture on Communication Systems by Mr. Markand

A spacious B-303, approximately 45 students, a working projector, around 20-25 OHP slides, a Mr. Markand (covered with soot), his ‘larger than life’ booming voice (a pain in the brain.. yes.. THE BRAIN) and complete uttentiveness of the students –  that almost sums up the lecture on Communication Systems (Com. Sys. in short) delivered to the ICE 3rd year students of BVCOE.

One of the usual scenarios for ICE batch 2K10, this one hour provides them with the much needed break of the day. One can read novels/newspapers/magazines/etc. , develop his/her communication skills by talking to other fellows , solve MBA questions , do something interesting and creative (like i did) , create Mr. Markand’s sketches (not at all recommended for weak hearted persons) , or , if god forbid, he/she can try and listen to the honourable lecturer.

Today’s class was extra special, because today the inmates of the room (barring Markand Sir himself) were asked to solve some numerical problems, about which nobody had any idea.  Mr. Markand just kept on changing slides on the projector and tried to explain each slide as it came; only if he could know that his efforts are being completely wasted on such a brilliant class as ours, we would have been spared of his booming talks *sigh*

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