The Big Picture

Someone had said, “Life is too short already, why shorten it further by killing your own self because of the problems it poses.” Guess the person never had to cope up with the 21st century’s ultra-modern, ultra-glam, busy lifestyle.

Agreed.. no problem is too big to run away from; but what to do when life suddenly throws up an unexpected situation and sends you wild tremors of shock. You’re just too numb to react, infact, you’re still in the process of taking in the circumstances around you. Just a day before, you were worried about petty things and suddenly you are forced to look up at The Big Picture” of life.

This Big Picture can be related to anything. It can be a situation or a circumstance you witnessed in a movie, but never expected it to happen to you; or it can be similiar to someone else’s bad experiences, which you thought will never have to be experienced by you; or it can even be something completely unexpected, and you may find yourself alienated from your surroundings.

There is no specific age or time for this tsunami to hit you. It can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime,  and when it does, it’ll carry you away, into a deeper, darker, silent ocean, where all you’ll be able to do is recover a little, only to be striked again. At that time, you dont give a damn to the so-called quotes and sayings, you just want to escape from that prison, to run away from everything, never to return back. But this is something which does not and ought not happen, and not the least because it is morally incorrect, but because this is what life is all about. This is how He, up there, wills you to live, and as always, man can neglect his own, but His wish has to be fulfilled at all costs. Do not interpret my words in a spiritual or philosophical manner, rather implement them in your practical life, and try and see if your big picture is waiting to be released.

If Yes, then dont stay numb for too long, otherwise you’ll be swept off your feet; instead see your big picture, fathom it and respond to it, the least you can do is try and fight for your own sake. Do this irrespective of the world’s opinion about you; let people talk, dont pay heed to their words; Its your “Big Picture“, You decide how to release it !!


How interesting !

Participated in a new quiz to chek whether I am interesting or boring :P.. Below are the results, seems like i have faired quite well :P..


You Are 56% Interesting

You are a fairly interesting person. Many people find you to be intriguing.You have a dynamic, adventurous life… a life that others envy.You are genuinely interested in and open to the world.

You love making new friends, and you’re always up for an unusual experience.

Like everyone else, you can get a bit boring from time to time. That’s normal.

But unlike everyone else, you can pull yourself out of a rut. You don’t stay boring for long.


My Personality

I took a Personality Test on a website and here’s the result ::
(dunno if its true or not coz hvnt read it properly as of now :P)

You Are An ISFP

The ArtistYou are a gifted artist or musician (though your talents may be dormant right now).
You enjoy spending your free time in nature. You are good with animals and children.
Simply put, you enjoy beauty in all its forms. You live for the simple pleasures in life.
Gentle, sensitive, and compassionate – you are good at recognizing people’s unspoken needs.

In love, you are quiet and sweet yet very passionate. You love easily.
You have an underlying love for all living things, and it’s easy for you to accept someone into your heart.

At work, you do best in an unconventional position. You express yourself well and can work with almost anyone.
You would make a good veterinarian, pediatrician, or composer.

How you see yourself: Sympathetic, kind, and communicative

When other people don’t get you, they see you as: Incompetent, insecure, and overly sensitive

Theory of ‘Relativ(e)’ity

An Indian wedding provides a purrrrfect opportunity to study the Theory of ‘Relativ(e)’ity. One gets to meet all sorts of relatives duringthe course of events – mama, mami, chacha, chachi, taya, tai, bua, foofa(generally pronounced by an average Indian as “phoopha“), long lost badi and chhoti dadis and nanis, and the list goes on ; and the best part of it is, that every relative of yours finds you much more grown up than expected, coz the last time they saw you, “uss waqt toh tum bahut chhote the”.. Hello !! What did they expect? That they’ll get wrinkles all over their face and we wont grow an inch !! Actually they expected to see the same old li’l kid trodding on the back of his/her toy horse and singing “chal mere ghode tik-tik-tik”… Aah ! Only wanna say that I’m NOT sorry for not meeting your expectations 😀

Recently, I was honored to be a part of The Great Indian Wedding *sigh* It was a cousin.. err.. no-no.. a cousin’s wife’s brother.. YES ! It was my cousin’s wife’s brother who got married to a girl of his parents’ choice.. Lucky Chap :D.. (and yayy… got the relation to that guy correct, FINALLY :D)

As was expected, I came across a lot of kinsmen and kinswomen there. Some i was acquainted with, some I came to know there and then, that they too existed. With all of them around, I was bound to have many “uss waqt toh tum bahut chhoti thi” encounters. Here’s one of them where the other person was set to walk over my dreams.. have a look..


Day1, Function # 1, Sai Sandhya

There was a lady, my mom’s 179345th cousin i guess. My mom called her ‘Rani Didi’.

R : Excuse me beta, aap unki (pointing towards my mom) beti ho?

Me : jee aunty..

R : Hey bhagwaan.. toh tum ho Noni (yeah thats my nickname *blush*)..

Me : jee aunty..

R : kitni badhi ho gayi hai.. pichhli baar jab maine tujhe dekha tha toh tu bahut chhoti si thi..

Me : err.. aapne pichhli baar mujhe kab dekha tha aunty?

R : ermm… tab tu shayad 1 saal ki thi..

Me (to myself): No wonder.. main toh sach mein tab bahut chhoti thi..

I just smiled and the conversation was taken forward.

R : ab tum kitne saal ki ho?

Me : bas 20 complete hone waale hain..

R : kyaa 20 ????

Me(to myself, wondering) : where’s the shock element in this statement?

R : itni badi ho gayi hai aur ab tak mummy-papa ne shaadi ke baare mein bhi nahi socha ??

Me(to myself, cursing) : CRAP !!

Me(to Rani aunty) : err aunty abhi toh main bahut chhoti hoon.. aur vaise bhi ahi main padh rahi hoon.. achha main abhi aayi.. papa bula rahe hain..


Apart from your age, another thing which interests your relatives the most is your area of study, whether or not they are aware of it, they are bound to ask you about it and give their own comments. here’s my encounter # 2 regarding the same.


Day 2, Function # 2, Mehendi Ki Raat

The person I interacted with, on this day, on the above-mentioned topic, was not known to me. My cousin introduced us both. She was my cousin’s wife’s… errr… i dont remember and i’m not interested either 😛 All i know is that her name was, is and always will be, Amrita.Here’s the conversation that took place between us.

A : Hii.. how are you?

Me : I’m fine.. what about you?

A : I’m also fine.. so.. what are you doing?

Me : err.. (jokingly) I guess I’m attending the party…

A (laughing heartily over this PJ) : HAHAHAHA… I mean what are you doing these days? Whi course are you pursuing?

Me : Ohh that ways.. well I’m pursuing Engineering..

A (looked a bit shocked) : ohh.. woww.. not many girls take up engineering.. I mean 95% of the girls are scared of this field..

Me : I know.. but I belong to the rest 5%..

A : What all do you do in an engineering college?

Me (pondering over the question) : Well… jhelofy Mr.Vohra, Mr. Markand and the likes.. try to perform experiments in the labs without any instrumets provided.. devise whole new ways of pursuing our hobbies while sitting in the class, and still managing to look attentive and interested in the lecture.. bunk a whole lot of lectures and tutorials, and yet achieving that 50% attendance mark..

A (interrupting in between my thoughts) : err.. Is it interesting? Or is it tough?

Me : huh??… ohh.. I think Engineering is interestingly tough 😀

A : ok.. so do you enjoy your college?

Me : yes.. very much.. err i need to go.. my cell’s ringing.. excuse me..


Day 3 , Function # 3, The Big Day itself – The Wedding Day (not mine)

A lot of interesting conversations took place that day also, majority of which I dont remember (thanks to the short-term memory developed while studying in the “Engineering College“), and the rest of them, I’m not willing to write. This means that I’m signing off now.

Till my next serene blog, go and enjoy the Great Indian Wedding and have a go at this Theory Of Relativ(e)ity !!


The Lecture on Communication Systems by Mr. Markand

A spacious B-303, approximately 45 students, a working projector, around 20-25 OHP slides, a Mr. Markand (covered with soot), his ‘larger than life’ booming voice (a pain in the brain.. yes.. THE BRAIN) and complete uttentiveness of the students –  that almost sums up the lecture on Communication Systems (Com. Sys. in short) delivered to the ICE 3rd year students of BVCOE.

One of the usual scenarios for ICE batch 2K10, this one hour provides them with the much needed break of the day. One can read novels/newspapers/magazines/etc. , develop his/her communication skills by talking to other fellows , solve MBA questions , do something interesting and creative (like i did) , create Mr. Markand’s sketches (not at all recommended for weak hearted persons) , or , if god forbid, he/she can try and listen to the honourable lecturer.

Today’s class was extra special, because today the inmates of the room (barring Markand Sir himself) were asked to solve some numerical problems, about which nobody had any idea.  Mr. Markand just kept on changing slides on the projector and tried to explain each slide as it came; only if he could know that his efforts are being completely wasted on such a brilliant class as ours, we would have been spared of his booming talks *sigh*

Virtual World – Virtual Friendship

Going by the topic, one might think that i’m talking about Fake or artificial friendships.. but no, i’m talking about friendship in the virtual world of internet.. This virtual world is very fascinating.. You get competely addicted to it in a short span of time and that too unknowingly..

I became a part of it some 3 years back when i was just completing my 12th.. Though i used to surf net even before that, but my final schooling year was the time when i got completely addicted to it.. During my 12th, internet was my source for my projects and assignments (as it is for everyone.. lolz) that is when i stumbled on to a forum, during my search for my favourite celebrities’ pictures (for those who do not know i’m a crazy celeb fanatic); and that is where i found a lot many people interacting with each other on various topics. It was my first ever encounter with a public internet portal for discussion and i was quite excited to see stuff there. I met a few people, whose celeb craziness was way beyond mine and i was quite surprised to see such kind of fans. I dont really know when i became a part of that very gang and became a celeb fanatic myself (though not as crazy as my friends).

These crazy celeb fans are the people i’m going to talk about now. Initially i knew them as active members of the forum who help everyone and love their favourites to death.. Then slowly and gradually i got to know them.. then we became friends.. and today we all do crazy stuff together.. cant stay away from each other for more than 2 days i guess.. it’s not because of our addiction to our forum and the internet or messenger, its because of our addiction to each other.. We’ve become such good friends.. we share almost everything with each other.. we laugh and cry together.. i never expected to find such close buddies here on the internet.. but as luck would have it, i have found some real close friends..

Anku, Eks, Verni, Shabu, Reshu, Henna, Shilpa, Ashwini, Saraa/Donny, Nitya, Rachandeep, Faryal and Amrit being the initial gang.. I still remember the owling we used to do.. omgg.. that was hilarious.. i miss it very much.. and i miss those crazy onferences we used to have.. and the special crazy topics we made in the forum.. Those ROFL sessions and the crazy Left-Right-Left marchings in the Fan clubs.. All of the above mentioned people werent a part of the Owl Club.. The ones who used to do owling were Me, Anku, Eks, Henna, Donny and Shabu..

Anku, or kanku monku as i fondly call her, is a complete nutter.. crazy, mad, stupid and sweet – all in one at the same time.. We are the same age, and pursuing similiar career paths, so the bonding between us is very strong.. We chat a lot, and whenever we talk on phone, time just flies.. we always have loads of things to discuss, the most important being our respective colleges.. We both just love to bash them.. It becomes a kind of competition as to whose college is bad.. I know this sounds idiotic, but thats the way we are..

Eks and me have a big age difference, but it has never ever been a hinderance in our friendship.. When she was here in India sometime back, I (on Anku’s special orders) joined hands with anku in troubling her.. She has promised us she’ll make us regret that (lolz.. eks baby u will never be ble to do this, thanks to ur almighty pc).. Eks is a sweetheart.. always listens to you with a heart and mind ful of patience.. She is the best person to talk to when you have a problem or you are depressed and feel low.. She’ll make you feel as your problem is not as big as it seems and will cheer you up.. She’s a great friend.. I had given her a special name “Sexy Eksowl” on her birthday.. I wrote an essay on her too.. That was great fun.. and whats better is that she still hasnt read that essay..

Henna is my murgi.. and i’m her murgi chor.. She’s a great person to be with.. you’ll always keep on smiling when you are chatting to her.. She’s full of infectious liveliness and her witty brain will never let you down.. Reading her comments in the forum, you’ll never be able to guess that she’s a Doctor in the making.. and that’s because she is sooo full of life, unlike the usual medical students..

Verni is sabka bachha.. bachha being her all-time favourite word.. She is a great writer and an amazing person.. Although she hates Delhi, but i still love her for being my friend.. Its been a month since she came here, but we still havent met yet.. we just talk on phone every week once or twice.. She’s very sensitive and gets affected by little-little things.. so much that she remained disturbed for 2 days after reading Gone with the wind.. She is actually a bachha, but a very sweet one..

Reshu.. what do i say about this girl.. She has no other work, apart from fighting with me on every small issue.. but i guess thats where the strength of our friendship lies.. in those small idiotic quarrels.. She calls from different no.s from her uni (she’s a big miser i tell you, doesnt like to spend her cellphone balance on a good friend like me).. and when i dont recognise her at once, she shouts at me…. We dont talk very often, and neither are we able to chat regularly.. but we keep in touch and that’s whats important..

Shilpa is also a Doctor in the making.. and she loves her college more than she loves her own self.. She never wants to miss even a single lecture and curses the fate when she falls ill and has to take a leave.. She is an introvert.. though how did she open up on net to unknown people in the virtual world, is yet a mystery to be unfolded.. She’s a sweetheart and always gets scolded from Anku for not taking care of herself.. I never shout at her or scold her.. What i do is inform Anku about her negligence and the work is done.. I might seem like a vamp here, but what i do is for her good only because she doesnt listen to me..

I’m very very fond of everyone else also, but i’m not finding enough words to describe them..

Then came net friendship phase 2.. In this phase, i found sweet people like anku sweetu and shagun, and there were many others too, who became good friends in a short span of time viz Smriti, Sarika, Roku, Rahi, Sheena and the list goes on..

What do i say about all these guys.. i have never met any of them.. but the equation i share with them is the same as would share with any of my close friends in the college or at school.. the bond we have developed over time is very deep and very special.. Some friends are more special than others and they know that.. I just want to thank all you people for entering my life and making it all the more special.. i love you from the bottom of my heart.. you people will always have a special place in my life and i’l never ever forget you..i’ll always try that our friendship remains intact forever..

Thanks for being my friend.. Thanks for always being there..




As Friendship’s Day has just passed, this was the most appropriate topic to write something on. First of all, let me wish all my friends, all around the globe, a Very Happy Friendship’s Day.

Friendship is one of the most beautiful relationships in the world. It is said that you get your family by chance, but you make friends by choice. I agree with this statement, but only to an extent. Yes you make friends by choice, but here also chance plays an important role.

I have a lot of friends, categorised into different categories. On this special occassion, I want to thank all of them for entering my life and making it beautiful.

My school friends – There are a lot of fond memories associated with my school friends. We used to be a bunch of intelligently mad people. I belonged to a group of about 10 people till 8th standard. Me, Diksha, Namita, Neha, Pallavi, Sonal, Chinu, both the Swati’s and Kuljeet. It was the elite group of the class. We were class toppers. Every year, we would be amongst the top 11 rankers in the class. And we were NOT nerds. Infact, we used to do so much masti and mazaa. I remember we were in 7th when the trend of daily soaps started; we used to play serial-serial during our break. Oh my godd.. it used to be sooo hilarious.. Kyunki Sas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi was the show we generally enacted upon. Diksha and me used to play the lead, Mihir and Tulsi, and Neha became our little son Gautam because of her short-height. These memories bring a hugeee smile on my face whenever i remember those days. Swati and Neha got separated from us when we entered 9th, because they took up Sanskrit, and we were all studying Hindi. Though they used to come regularly to our room during lunch breaks and also played with us in the P.H.E periods, but that charm went missing which our friendship used to enjoy. In 9th only, Khushboo entered. We weren’t very keen on accepting her in our group because we were already so many, and plus she was completely new to us all, but as i said in the beginning, chance plays a very important role too. As luck would have it, Khushboo was one of us. We always used to think name for our group, and all that we could come up was “The A Group”, A for All Rounders. We were actually all-rounders, with each one of us possessing one or the other extra talent apart from academics. Namita, me n Pallavi were good at writing and speaking on the stage, Neha, Diksha during practical stuff, Swati’s in sports, Chinu used to write so fast, Sonal was very soft-spoken, but her thoughts were always great and Kuljeet and Khushboo were amazing in Dance. During 9th and 10th, we did a lot of fun. We were always talking and laughing in the class, which initially brought upon a bad name on us. But later on, when the teachers saw our results and participation in the class, they were very much impressed. They were my best years in school. When 11th came, our group broke because we got segregated into Science, Commerce and Humanities. But then also, we tried to maintain our friendship, but it wasnt the same, everyone had found new friends in their respective fields. Me, Namita, Diksha and Khushboo were left together. We always used to hang out together. We are still very much in touch, and that is what i feel bonds us together, though Khushboo is out of the scene for a while because she is *supposedly* busy in her college, but she too wished me yesterday, and that pacified me, felt really nice to see that she still remembers me. Me, Namita and Diksha talk to each other regularly. Though we havent met after our final board exams, that makes it more than 2 and a half years, but we are in constant touch, and all 3 of us know what the other 2 are doing and feeling. From 11 to 3, this has been the journey with my school friends so far, and i hope that we 3 can sustain it forever. I want to take one more name, and that is Sonal. We havent been in touch for many months and we dont usually talk regularly. But there are 2 days in the year, when both us, despite of all the work we have, make it a point to talk to each other, and those 2 days are our birthdays. We talk for hours on those days, telling each other the happenings of the whole year, and i just love her for this, because this way we keep our friendship intact. Love you guys *hugs* Thank you for always being there. I hope we will always remain as we are, wherever we go.

My College Friends – I was very apprehensive on the very first day of college. The whole environment was new and i didnt know if i’d make good friends or not. When i entered the classroom on the first day, i found a familiar face. There was a schoolmate sitting in there. I heaved a sigh of relief and went and sat with her. But as soon as the registration process got over and the teacher left the room, my mate was nowhere in sight; guess the seniors had taken her for ragging, meanwhile i was also being asked to sing a song. That is when a girl came up to me, (she had just entered the class, and was, therefore, late) and asked me, “Am i late?” I said yes and we asked each other’s names. She was Garima, my first ever friend in BVCOE. The whole day we were together, and we had become so frank that we even shared our lunch the very first day; and that is when another girl came up to us and asked, “Do you people know each other pehle se?” She was Moksha, who became my 2nd friend in college. The next day we were sitting in the computer lab, and i was asked to share the computer with another girl. She had long hair, and a little bit of accent. She was Aditi, my 3rd friend. In the class, we used to sit around 2 more people, Seema and Megha. They werent quite in our group during the beginning, because Megha was extremely shy and Seema, extremely extrovert, which didnt suit her image as she was dressed up as a behenji on the first day, which was to prevent her from ragging, as we came to know later. Thus we 6 people, Me, Moksha, Garima, Seema, Megha and Aditi, became a group and were always spotted together, even during our 1st year. My equation with Aditi is slightly different as compared to others’, but i think its for my good only. People form different opinions about her, even my views on her keep on changing, but the fact is, she is a friend, and i hope, will remain so. Garima is blessed with a very dangerous combination. She doesnt know many things, but will never accept this fact, and secondly, she has been pampered so much by her family that she expects such behaviour only from everyone else. Her these traits get her into huge troubles sometimes, where, we (read Moksha many-a-times and Me sometimes) also have to bear the brunt along with her. Sometimes i really feel irritated when things go out of hand, but when i talk to her on phone or in college, she always manages to calm me down and we talk like nothing happened. Well i guess this is how its meant to be. Moksha and my brains work in a similiar manner; and when we talk on phone, we tell each other even the smallest of details, dont know why, but we do, and most of the times, she talks about her omeone special or Garima. In both the cases, i usually keep laughing and smiling. Seema is a complete tomboy, amazing athlete, and narad muni, because she knows how to keep put of Garima- Moksha’s fights (Garima and Moksha are best of friends, and often fight with each other on different issues). She never talks much on phone, but always calls up on days like Hug Day, Friendship Day, Chocolate Day etc. ; and that’s mainly because her balance is over. She’s great fun to be with, and she too likes Husein. Coming to Megha, she used to be soo soo quiet initially. Thank God her best friend is Seema, who has made her open up. Now she’s quite frank with us, and yes she talks better than Seema on phone. Megha is very hard-working, but is a pessimist, though we have tried a lot to turn her into an optimist and have succeeded a bit too. This gang of mine is also the elite group of class, and most of us feel that many people are jealous of us, because we are just best in everything we do. On this special occassion, i want to thank the 5 of you for being my friends. Love ya all *hugs*

That was all regarding my school and college friends and friendships. But i am not done yet, because i have many more friends, that belong to this virtual world, and are very very close to me. I want to thank them all too, but not now, because its already too long. So i’ll dedicate a special post to them all.

Happy Belated Friendship’s day Everyone



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